Husbands In Pantyhose Would You Wear Pantyhose For Your Husband?


Would you wear pantyhose for your husband? - husbands in pantyhose

If you knew your husband had a fetish for pantyhose and heels, they are used, please? My wife has never, and I asked my wife to wear socks in bed, but you do not know how.


Royalhin... said...

Wow, I do! It is important that the relationship fresh, and if my husband wants me to take something, I'm sure!

nwnative... said...

Yes, I would, and have.

phlvr666 said...

Yes, I wear tights and thigh highs for my husband all the time. She likes the look of the legs, sheer stockings. Like others answer this question, he said, be honest with her. Sit down and tell him how you set dressing in tights and heels. It is not unusual. I'm sure he would do it for you to know how I do it.

Victoria's Secret Low PS is very clean and silky. You can try to buy a couple of years to get to you.

Good luck!

samwise2... said...

Yes, I want, but must be sexy grandmother did not care to think natural color ones.I thigh with a garter is so sexy.

Sunshine's Pic Is on 360 said...

Of course, if it makes you happy! Be open and honest with her! It can be taken as something sexy, near the man she loves and is willing to go one step further in a moment of great passion for making both of them!

Nita and Michael said...

When things when my husband loved it and asked myself, why not? ... If you make them happy, would of course be willing to try, and I'm sure she would go to the spice, if honst and say, I think that would be super hot honey in some panythose dress and heels, like good I was one night ... and I'm sure they would be willing than ever before ... Unless you ask to speak with her, and so to be honest, and I'm sure he be willing to open up.

hopflowe... said...

Incidentally, although I prefer the half of me!

What's wrong with that?

jo j said...

If anything at any time

Kjun30 said...

I made myself and it is much easier than you think.

First, his wife, how you dress, socks and they are really their call, and can barely hands on him.

Some of the brands you buy really good (not Legg, Hanes or not NoSense)

You can set, really good (but expensive) brands in the following places (you can cut and you), they fit in your browser (Vintage stockings and pantyhose)

Some of my favorite brands for women are:

Pretty Polly Italia Semi tights, here's a link
(Http: / / / merchants / Screen = PROD & product_code = & PPAE04 Category_Code = MAN-PP)

Cecilia de Rafael Agata 20 - Here is a link
(Http: / / / merchants / Screen = PROD & product_code = & CR233; Category_Code = PH)

Cecilia de Rafael Rubino 22 - Here's a link ( is

Glamor Ginesta 40 "
(Http: / / / merchants / Screen = PROD & product_code = Category_Code = GMGSTA40 & PH)

Aristocracy Ultra Soft -

Sheer Pompea 30 -

All these brands have (flat seams in stockings legs on board which means you press the leg and is formed tube legs of a woman, as opposed to cheaper pharmacy)

Most brands are recommended very bright or very bright, and when combined with a beautiful dress .. These cause the head .. and you will discover!

My suggestion .. Tell him you love the look .. Buy ... they meet on a date, the dressing and then calls back home to rape her :-)

Hope this helps a little.

Kjun 30

MJ said...

You never know unless you ask .. can not get it .....

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